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Free without prejudice letter examples & templates


Our very own legal templates and example documents and letters are listed below for you to adapt for use in your dispute with your UK employer. They’re so good, your boss will think that you’ve hired lawyers! Of course this makes it much easier to obtain a negotiated exit package, called a settlement agreement. We are giving away 4 different types of template, with a few examples of each type, as per the list below:


1. Without prejudice letter templates

These without prejudice letter templates should help you to secure the settlement agreement deal which you deserve. There are three different without prejudice letter template examples, and they are explained below. You can chop and change them to suit your case. Just click on the one you want to see.

a) Commission & bonus unpaid

This template is great to send to your employer when they owe you specific sums of money, such as commission payments or bonus payments, which you can identify in a list. To help focus their minds, why not attach a draft ‘ET1′ employment tribunal claim form – not only does this help to make it more real for them, but it is also useful preparation for you, as you may need to issue a claim if this letter doesn’t produce results.

b) Sham redundancy selection

This without prejudice letter template is a polite yet firm letter which was used in a case of constructive dismissal and disability discrimination, prior to the issue of employment tribunal proceedings. It is often good to try to prevent claims before they start, with the suggestion of a reasonable out of court settlement. Possible claims here include constructive dismissal, whistleblowing and disability discrimination.


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