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How much money should I get in my settlement agreement?

  If you’re reading this you’re probably thinking about leaving your job here in Britain and negotiating a settlement agreement package, either due to a redundancy situation or a dispute – unfortunate circumstances perhaps, but all too common, especially in this day and age.”How much money should I get in my settlement or compromise agreement”   …Continue Reading


Settlement Agreements

Introduction The effect of a settlement agreement is that in return for a payment you give up your right to bring claims against your employer at the employment tribunal or in the courts. A settlement agreement will be legally binding if it is signed by you, your employer and you also receive independent legal advice   …Continue Reading


Sick pay in your Notice Period

When should you receive full pay during your notice period? If you are off sick and you have gone down to reduced pay, and then you hand in your notice, should you receive only sick pay during your notice period, or should you receive full pay?   The answer depends on the length of your   …Continue Reading


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